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Why Motivational Cat Images?
Here is some science behind why Meowtivations is exactly the little "pick-me-up" that you need to see and have results! It is motivation and adorable pictures combined!
It's A Feel Good
Studies show that people who look at cat images felt more energetic and more positive afterward, with less anxiety and fewer negative emotions
It's Good For The Brain
A similar study has found that the pleasure centers of our brains are actually lighting up when we see something cute, like cat images, because there is a rush of dopamine to the brain!
It's Good For Concentration
Another study in Japan found that participants performed better on high concentration tasks when they viewed images of cute animals versus pictures of food or other non-cute photos.
Start Your Day Off Right With
 Meowtivations is scientifically proven to help you to concentrate throughout your day! 
It will help to boost your mood and to keep you going! This is more than just a "motivational text service", this is MEOWTIVATIONS!
Meowtivations is $19.99 a month, and it is sure to change your day!
  •  Makes Our Brain Happy
  •  Less Stress
  •  Less Negative Emotions
  •  Adorable Kittens & Cats
  •  Positive Energy Boost
  •  Higher Concentration
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